The Complete Guide to India’s Top 10 Mobile Apps in 2024


The Indian mobile app landscape has always been a fascinating tapestry woven with global giants and homegrown champions. With the notable absence of TikTok, this tapestry promises to be even more dynamic and unpredictable in 2024. As users seek alternatives and platforms adapt to fill the void, let’s explore 10 leading apps poised to rule the Indian app scene:

1.Paytm: Transforming the Way India Pays and Connects

Paytm, short for “Pay Through Mobile,” was founded in 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma and has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a mobile recharge platform. Today, it stands as a true digital financial services giant, empowering millions of Indians with convenient and secure ways to manage their money.

Paytm’s Core Offerings:

  • Mobile Payments: Paytm’s signature feature is its mobile wallet, allowing users to transfer money instantly, scan QR codes for cashless transactions at shops and merchants, and pay for online purchases. With over 400 million users making over 2 billion transactions monthly, Paytm has revolutionized the way Indians pay.
  • Financial Services: Paytm has evolved into a comprehensive financial services provider, offering a range of products and services like:
  • UPI payments: Integrate seamlessly with various bank accounts through UPI (Unified Payments Interface) for instant money transfers.
  • Online recharges and bill payments: Recharge mobile phones, DTH, data cards, and pay utility bills effortlessly through the app.

Investments and wealth management: Invest in mutual funds, gold, and other financial instruments directly through the Paytm app.

  • Loans and credit: Access micro-loans and credit facilities for various needs.
  • Paytm Payments Bank: Open a digital savings account with no minimum balance requirement and enjoy easy banking services.
  • E-commerce Platform: Paytm Mall, the company’s e-commerce platform, offers a wide range of products from various categories, further strengthening its ecosystem.

2. MX TakaTak: Rising from the Ashes of TikTok, Embracing the Desi Spirit

With TikTok’s exit, MX TakaTak has seized the opportunity to capture hearts with its focus on Indian content and regional languages. Original programming, collaborations with local celebrities, and integration with regional content platforms will offer a uniquely desi experience. Gamified features like challenges and contests will keep users engaged, while seamless sharing across other platforms will amplify reach and create an interconnected content landscape.

3. Josh: Patriotism and Regional Flavors Fueling its Short-Form Video Journey

Another homegrown contender, Josh, is rising through the ranks with its focus on patriotic content and regional languages. Collaborations with Bollywood celebrities, gamified features like live auctions and leaderboards, and integration with local music platforms will create a distinct, engaging ecosystem. Expect Josh to leverage India’s cultural richness and linguistic diversity to carve its own niche in the short-form video space.

4. YouTube: The Undisputed King of Video Content, Expanding its Indian Realm

YouTube remains the undisputed king of video content, offering everything from entertainment to education. Regional language support will be further strengthened, empowering creators and expanding reach. Tools like monetization options and seamless integration with other Google products will solidify YouTube’s position as a platform for both consumption and creation.

5. Dream11: Fantasy Sports Craze Continues, Spreading its Wings Beyond Cricket

Dream11 has ignited a nationwide passion for fantasy sports, particularly cricket. Expect expansion into other sports like kabaddi and football, catering to diverse sporting interests. Gamified elements like live auctions and leaderboards will keep users on the edge of their seats, while integration with e-commerce platforms for sports fan merchandise will create a holistic ecosystem.

6. PhonePe: Leading the Fintech Revolution, Empowering Every Rupee

PhonePe is synonymous with digital payments in India. Expect an even stronger push towards financial inclusion with micro-investing options, simplified insurance offerings, and AI-powered budgeting tools. Integration with financial institutions and government services will create a one-stop platform for managing finances, empowering every user to take control of their financial journey.

7. Meesho: Transforming Online Shopping, Connecting Rural and Urban India

Meesho empowers small businesses and connects them to millions of rural Indian consumers. Expect further regional language support, hyperlocal product recommendations, and deeper social commerce integration. Live streaming features and community-driven reviews will transform online shopping into a social experience, bridging the gap between urban and rural markets.

8. Flipkart: E-Commerce Powerhouse Evolving with AI and Personalization

Flipkart continues to dominate the e-commerce landscape with its diverse product range and convenient delivery options. Expect deeper personalization based on user data and purchase history, offering curated recommendations and a seamless shopping experience. Integration with social media platforms for influencer marketing will tap into new customer segments, while hyperlocal delivery partnerships will ensure faster service across the country.

9. Zomato: Food Delivery King Goes Beyond the Plate, Embracing Innovation

Zomato remains the go-to app for food delivery, but expect it to expand beyond restaurants. Grocery delivery partnerships will cater to everyday needs, while local partnerships with street food vendors and home chefs will offer diverse culinary experiences. AI-powered recommendations based on user preferences and dietary restrictions will personalize the food ordering experience, while gamified features and loyalty programs will keep users engaged.

10. ShareChat: Social Media Reimagined in Desi Languages, Building Communities

ShareChat caters to India’s diverse linguistic landscape, offering social media in multiple regional languages. Expect further expansion into regional content creation, integrating with local news and music platforms. Gamified features like quizzes and polls will foster community engagement, while live streaming and interactive features will create a dynamic social space.


Beyond these top 10, other noteworthy Indian apps include Swiggy (food delivery),  Paytm (digital payments), Ola (ride-hailing), IRCTC Rail Connect (train travel booking), and Practo (healthcare).

Please keep in mind that the popularity of apps can change rapidly, and new contenders emerge all the time. This list provides a snapshot of the current landscape based on various factors.

This list reflects the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the Indian app system. With local players adapting and innovating, global giants expanding their regional presence, and new contenders emerging, 2024 promises to be a year of many new players.

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